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Let GCR give you cyber peace of mind

Global Cyber Risk (GCR) is a technology and advisory services firm that provides first tier cybersecurity services to both large corporations and small and mid-sized businesses.  Based in Washington, DC, GCR has earned industry respect for its expertise in internationally accepted best practices and standards for cybersecurity programs.  GCR’s proprietary methodologies have been used in every industry sector and by some of the largest global corporations.  GCR has modified its methodologies to also effectively assist small and mid-sized businesses in a cost-effective manner.


Cyber Risk Assessments

Do you know the maturity of your cybersecurity program and the financial impact of cyber attacks ?

Cyber Governance

Is the governance of cybersecurity by your executives and board increasing your company’s risk?

Incident Response Planning

Will your incident response plan save the company or cause the headline? Could it guide you through a multi-pronged attack?

Cybersecurity Program Development

Does your cybersecurity program align with best practices and standards? Have you developed policies, and are you performing all of the critical activities?

Digital Inventories & Data Mapping

Do you know what data is in your system, who accesses it, and where it goes?

Vulnerability Scanning & Remediation Assistance

Do you know what software or hardware vulnerabilities your system has? Can your web applications be exploited? Is your system susceptible to “clickless” attacks?

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